Please follow the link to our official website: http://www.louisianadefenders.com.
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Louisiana Defenders Collective – (504) 645-0796 or (504) 434-0902
The Louisiana Defenders Collective is a group of criminal defense professionals composed of attorneys, investigators, advocates, and other legal professionals dedicated to the outstanding representation of those accused of a crime in Louisiana. We provide legal representation for a variety of circumstances including criminal indictments, probable cause, bond, pre-adjudication, trial, disposition, post conviction, appeal, parole, and sentencing modifications with a specialization in the representation of juvenile delinquency cases, juvenile adult transfer, and of juveniles who have received life without parole.
We offer an experienced, dedicated team whose work ethic has produced favorable outcomes for numerous clients here in Louisiana. We also offer reasonable rates as a lack of resources should never create a barrier to adequate, equal representation when your life and liberty are at risk. Please contact us for a consultation as we would love to serve your legal needs: (504) 645-0796 / louisianadefenders@riseup.net.
One comment on “About
  1. Linda Flores de Leon says:

    I heard a few minutes of an interview with Marecca Vertin and Miguel Nunez on WTUL this morning on my way to work and was very impressed with the little bit I heard. I would like to hear more and find out if there is any way for me to help to support the work you do.
    Thank you,
    Linda Flores de Leon

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